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These full-color woodworking plans include photos at every step. The illustrated plans will take you step by step in how to build these one-of-a-kind projects. Download the plans safely to your computer, where they can be easily viewed and printed. Easy to follow instructions have all measurements and assembly details explained - Photos are taken at each step of construction, so you can see exactly how to build the projects. Great gift ideas!

More Patterns and Plans Available Here

Woodworking plans for toddler bookshelf. Woodworking plans for a lighthouse Woodworking plans for a gazebo bird feeder woodworking plans for a wishing well DIY woodworking plans for a lighthouse woodworking plans for a raised planter woodworking plans for wooden anchors Wood plans to build a 10 ft. arched garden bridge Free woodworking plans for a bird feeding station woodworking plans for a folding Adirondack table woodworking plans for a goat stand woodworking plans for a Lawn Lighthouse made of Pressure Treated Lumber woodworking plans for a pyramid planter woodworking plans for a rabbit hutch woodworking plans for a bathouse woodworking plans for an ornamental outhouse woodworking plans for a garden planter shaped like a watering can how to build a display shelf for oyster cans how to build a Western Theme Horseshoe Planter - Woodworking Plans with photos how to build a Deluxe Bird Feeding Station for Your Birdfeeders Woodworking plans for a Cape Hatteras Lawn Lighthouse DIY Raised Garden Planter. Trough Design. Woodworking plans for a painted lighthouse plans for a sandbox

Your toddler will love this bookcase. The front of the books are shown so it’s easy to choose their favorite one. Sturdy design has an open back with more book shelves.

Kids Bookshelf

Woodworking Plans

Here are plans for a 6 ft. tall lawn lighthouse that has an authentic, conical shape. Very attractive, natural wooden look with a chain railing at the top.

6 Ft. Lawn Lighthouse

Woodworking Plans

Over 2 ft. tall, this is a magnificent fly-through bird feeder. Build it yourself with these step by step woodworking plans. Instructions show you to add an attractive cedar shingle roof.

Platform Birdfeeder

Woodworking Plans

Nice! Step by step plans and instructions to build this 6 ft. tall wishing well.  Add a rope and bucket and this wishing well stands out in any setting.

Wishing Well

Woodworking Plans

An attractive lawn lighthouse that stands 4 ft. tall and is made entirely of treated lumber for a natural wood look. Realistic railing around the top.  Add a low voltage or solar light as the beacon at the top.

4 ft. Lawn Lighthouse

Woodworking Plans

An attractive cedar raised bed for you to grow herbs, flowers, or start vegetables in. Perfect for the patio or deck.

Raised Cedar Planter

Woodworking Plans

Cute anchors for nautical themes and table centerpieces.

3D Nautical Anchor

Wodworking Pattern

Woodworking plans for a nice 10' garden bridge. This arched walkway is perfect to go over a low spot in the yard or to span a ditch.

Garden Bridge

Woodworking Plans

If you have backyard birds and need somewhere to hang your bird feeders, this decorative post will allow you to hang them conveniently in any area of your yard.


How to build a handy folding table to go along with your Adirondack furniture. Wood plans include photos. Great conversation piece!

Folding Table Wood Plans

Goats love to climb, so build them a platform to stand on!

Goat Stand Wood Plans

This lighthouse is made entirely of pressure treated decking lumber. Really looks nice when stained.

5 Ft. Treated Lumber Lighthouse

Woodworking Plans

Woodworking plans to build unique 3 and 6 ft. tall pyramid planters. Local craftsman shows you how to make these popular towers for growing gardening strawberries, herbs, and flowers.

Strawberry Pyramid

Woodworking Plans

Plans show you how to build this large rabbit hutch. Dropping pans slide out for easy cleaning. Enclosed area for sleeping and raising young.

Rabbit Hutch Woodworking Plans

Bats eat an incredible amount of insects every night, including mosquitoes. Here are some plans for a functional bat house that has chambers and climbing surfaces inside.

Bat House

Woodworking Plans

Here’s a cute outhouse or Gnome home. It is 40” tall and make s a unique addition to your flower bed. Plans show you step by step how to build one.

Outhouse / Gnome Home

Woodworking  Plans

Here is a unique planter that is shaped like a giant watering can. Place this conversation piece on your deck or in a flower bed.

Giant Watering Can

Woodworking Plans

Do you collect antique coffee or oyster cans? Here are some plans to make a nice display shelf for one of your prized possessions!


Build this western theme horseshoe planter and get some yee-haw compliments.

Western Horseshoe Planter Plans

Here is a deluxe bird feeding station for you to show off your bird feeders. Four beam construction is sturdy and attractive. These DIY plans make building it easy.

Bird Feeding Station Wood Plans

Build this Cape Hatteras Lawn Lighthouse from a couple sheets of plywood, then paint it to stand out for all your neighbors to see. Wood plans even show you how to paint the stripe.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Woodworking Plans

Here is a nice, big raised planter for your garden. Lots of room for dirt and vegetables.

Raised Trough Planter

Woodworking Plans

How to build a 4 ft. Tall painted lawn lighthouse. Wood plans include photos at every step.

Painted Lighthouse

Woodworking Plans

Woodworking plans for a 4ft. tall wishing well.  Made entirely of pressure treated lumber and cedar fence boards.

Wishing Well

Woodworking Plans

How to build a sandbox with a roof. A shaded area for you child to play.


Woodworking Plans

Build this 7 ft. Tall USA themed red, white, and blue lawn lighthouse. A patriotic DIY project.

Patriotic USA Lighthouse

Woodworking Plans

How to build a tomato planter for your deck or patio.

Deck Tomato Planter

Woodworking Plans