First, fill the bottom of the planter until the base is covered.


Pack the dirt down with something suitable. A sawed-off 2 x 4 works great. Use your foot if it will fit.


Continue filling the planter from the top and allowing the lower levels to fill up with dirt. Tamp it down as you go.

Start from the top and work your way down.

 Tamp all sides. Keep adding dirt as needed.


Once it's full, use your hands and fingers at the top and to level out the sides.


Here is the tower full of dirt, ready for planting! Obviously the larger 6 ft. Strawberry pyramid takes a bit more dirt. You’ll find that during long dry spells you’ll need to water the planters more often. When you do, be careful not to wash the dirt out with your hose. A gentle rain is better than a solid stream of water. Once the strawberry plants become established, their roots do a pretty good job of holding the soil.

The type of soil you use can make a difference. You’ll want rich soil that compacts nicely. Sandy soils tend to wash out easier and become hard. Experiment with what works for your area. A few bags of garden soil from your local home improvement store are great for growing strawberries.


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  Here are some simple instructions for setting up your planter once it's built. Fill the entire structure with dirt, making sure the soil is compacted as you fill it. You don't want the dirt to settle when it rains, or you'll have to go back and add more later.

How to Build a Strawberry Pyramid