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Anyone who has had activity board for toddlerto keep a toddler occupied knows their minds are going a mile a minute. Our 18 month old son JJ is at an age where everything is an adventure. He is always going around the house trying to turn doorknobs and figure out latches. So I came up with this idea to keep his little hands and brain busy.

Being a handyman, I hate to throw away used hinges and hardware that I could use on another project. Over the years I’ve accumulated quite an assortment of them.  I easily assembled a multitude of gadgets I thought a child would find interesting. I fastened them to a piece of plywood and ended up with an activity center that you won’t find in any toy store.

Making one yourself is not very difficult. Just be sure to keep safety in mind; sand the board down so there are no chance of splinters. Also sand the edges and corners so nothing is sharp. As far as the hardware, there are lots of nifty gadgets to keep a toddler occupied. Doorknobs, hinges, hasps, and barrel bolts are all good ideas. Just make sure whatever you use can’t pinch little fingers.

I added small knobs to the end of the strap hinges to make them easier for him to lift. I also put round head screws under the hinges to make noise when they’re opened and closed. I’d love to hear your ideas. Have you done anything like this?

How to Make a Gadget Board to Keep Your Toddler Busy

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