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Here are some really nice country signs featuring local Southern Maryland  designs. If you live (or used to live) in Southern Maryland, you will appreciate the theme.  Each sign is handcrafted and hand painted locally.

Choose from Calvert County, St. Mary's County, Charles County, or Southern Maryland themes.

Made of MDF and given a "weathered" look, the country signs are attractive in any setting. Size is 16” inches across and each comes with a hanger. Can also sit on a shelf as you see here.

They make great gifts for those who have moved away from the Southern Maryland area!

Contact Me for more information and prices.

I’ve lived in Southern Maryland for the past 20 years - what a wonderful place to call home! If you live in the Tri-County area, you’ll agree that it has its own unique charm and traditions. How about some Stuffed Ham or Oysters Au Gratin? Tobacco was grown here for England back in Colonial times, and you’ll still find farmers and tobacco barns to this day. There is a lot of history here. Calvert County is one of the oldest counties in the United States. It was established in 1654, but native people lived here 9,000 years ago. St. Mary’s County was the first colony to practice religious freedom. And did you know that Benedict in Charles County was the site of the British invasion during the war of 1812? I am always learning new things about Southern Maryland, and it’s very fascinating.

I try to capture popular Southern Maryland phrases in my signs. Do you have any suggestions?