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 Soaker hoses come with a small plastic disc in the female end with a a hole in it. It reduces the pressure way down so you don't rupture the soaker hose. I took these out and hooked the soaker hoses up without them. Be sure to put them back in if you decide to use water under pressure.



Here's an idea I came up after I installed some rain barrels under the gutters of my house. I had connected three rain barrels together, so I had plenty of water to use on the garden. My garden is lower in elevation than my house, so I figured I could use gravity to my advantage.

I made a header out of standard 1" PVC pipe, with several tee connections. Each was angled down about 45 degrees to prevent the hose from kinking. I installed an adapter and hose fitting at each tee, so that individual soaker hoses could be hooked up. The tee in the center faces the other direction towards the house and rain barrels.

I added additional tees for future garden rows. I just put caps on those hose connections that weren't used. I glued pipe caps on each end of the header.



If you have a standard plastic drum with bung holes, you can build your own rain barrel to collect free water from mother nature. I've included step by step instructions with photos to show you how. Build a Rain Barrel