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No nautical theme would be complete without an authentic ship wheel mounted on the wall. Here are several ship wheels in various sizes to choose from. These classic ship wheels make attractive additions to your helm, with antique wooden and brass styles in sizes from 18 to 48". Also see our ship wheels featuring world clocks.


Standard and Deluxe Wooden Ship Wheels

Choose from several sizes. The Deluxe styles come with a high gloss finish.


36” Ship Wheel with Dark Antique Finish



22.5" Ship Wheel with Light Antique Finish


buynow.png ShipWheel109.jpg

18" Wooden Ship Wheel


buynow.png ShipWheel108.jpg

24" Wooden Ship Wheel with Brass Spokes


buynow.png Shipwheel111.jpg

27" Old World Wooden Ship Wheel


buynow.png Shipwheel112.jpg

27" Wooden Ship Wheel with World Clock


buynow.png ShipWheelClock306.jpg

19" Wooden Ship Wheel with Clock


buynow.png ShipwheelClockTK-298.jpg

24" Solid Brass Ship Wheel


buynow.png ShipWheelSW104.jpg

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