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Here is a garden planter I built with the hopes of sharing the DIY  plans with you. Well, apparently a company named Veg-Trug has a patent on this design and they have issues with me offering plans for something that looks like their planter. I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know about all that…

Space-saving trough planter holds plenty of soil and vegetables.

raised garden bed idea

Raised bed gardening is an effective and efficient way to grow vegetables and herbs. The soil conditions can be controlled much easier, and you don’t have the compaction you find in the ground. This allows roots to grow quickly in a well-drained and loose environment. Elevated garden beds allow you to fertilize and remove weeds easier too. Those with little room for an actual garden will find raised beds a useful alternative. Those gardeners with disabilities can enjoy gardening with a raised garden too. Kneeling and bending over is eliminated, so your back will thank you!

Build a Cedar Raised Garden Bed - Wood Plans with photoshow to build a strawberry planter

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view of the raised planter from above. view of the raised garden planter from underneath picture of my wife next to the planter
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