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6" Blue Crab


4" Blue Crab


10" Blue Crab


17" Blue Crab

qty_17.jpg $4.50 bluecrab2.JPG $6.25 $10.50 $24.50

Some information about blue crabs:



These colorful tiki crabs make a great addition to your nautical theme. Lifelike Maryland blue crab replicas look great hanging on the wall of your home, restaurant, or business. Hang these plastic crab ornaments with some fishnet and seashells, or place them with other beach decor. Choose from natural blue (live) or red "steamed" crabs that looks like they just came from a crab house! They are painted to look just like Maryland blue crabs, from the claws to the underside apron. Each crab ornament comes with an attached wall hanger. Please note these are not toy crabs, they are hard, ornamental crabs with pointed edges (just like a real crab). They're made for displays, crafts, and nautical themes.

Note: The size is the measurement across the outside of the legs, not the body of the crab.

Email any questions you may have.

plastic_crab_2.jpg plastic_crab_1.jpg

2" miniature painted plastic blue crab ornaments. These little blue crabs are perfect for nautical crafts and cake decorations!

2" decorative crabs come with or without a magnet on the bottom. 

*3 crab minimum

Without Magnet With Magnet

$2.00 ea.

$2.05 ea.

6" Steamed Crab


10" Steamed Crab


17" Steamed Crab

qty_17.jpg steamedcrab2.JPG $24.50 $10.50 $6.25

Nautical Wedding Favor Idea

How about using the crabs as nautical wedding favors? With a paint pen, you can personalize the crabs with your names and pass them out at the reception!

Nautical Funeral Wreath