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Black and Gold Pittsburgh Bird Feeder



Here's a variation of my large platform bird feeder that I'm quite proud of. For Christmas last year, I built this awesome black and gold bird feeder for my parents who live in Pennsylvania. Like others from that area, my parents are avid Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins fans so I came up with an idea to really give them something to be proud of. I also grew up in the Pittsburgh area, even though I have roots in Maryland.  I'm still dedicated to the black and gold, though! This was a fun project to build and I'm thinking of building one for myself now! The bird feeder is huge - it's 24" across and over 2 ft. tall. It took me two weeks to build. For the seed tray, I built a hexagon frame made of composite Azek and fitted a piece of Plexiglas to its bottom.

Black and Gold Pittsburgh Bird Feeder Platform fly through bird feeder

I also built another fly-through bird feeder with the same roof design. I painted it red and white and it sure does look nice! The colors really stand out. I just need to figure out how to keep the squirrels out of it...  

If you're interested in building one like this, I have the plans available for download. See my platform feeder page for more information and photos of the original design. The plans include photos at each step!