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All of the pilings are fastened together using all-thread. The mallard duck is a plastic decoy that i fastened to the top of the pilings. I gave him the option of some seagulls, but the duck looked just as good. I wrapped rope around the entire project and layed some strands across the top for a realistic look. I used large construction staples to hold the rope in position, including the strands on top. The pilings were topped off with a solar light, that really casts a nice glow when it gets dark.

Here are some of my other ideas using pilings:



This is a idea I came up with when a local customer needed something to hide the well pipe in his yard. He liked the three-piling structures I made with seagulls and shorebirds, but really wanted to cover that unsightly pipe. As you can see in the photo, there are numerous pilings fastened together. What isn't obvious is the center piling does not go all the way down to the ground. I left the inside of the structure hollow so it would go right over his well pipe. What you see is a short piling fastened only at the top, giving the impression of many pilings roped together. No matter, this thing was still quite large and very heavy. The customer needed some help to lift it over his well, of course. I'm sure he'll need help again if he ever needs to access his well pump, but it certainly did the trick! Now he has an attractive nautical conversation piece in his yard, as opposed to a pipe sticking out of the ground.

gull_5.jpg DSC03200.JPG 2birds.jpg