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Ornamental Lawn Buoys

Decorative buoys have a solar light and come in two sizes. PVC and Fiberglass.


Here are some unique nautical ideas for your home and garden. These popular items represent the theme of the Chesapeake Bay. From authentic hand-crafted lighthouses to blue crab replicas, you're sure to find something that will add charm to your nautical theme.


Lighthouse Mailboxes 

Mailboxes featuring handcrafted stucco lighthouses. Solar Light!


Lawn Lighthouses

Replica lighthouses with working lights. Painted wooden and stucco models with rotating beacons.


Blue Heron Decor

Paintings, weathervanes, wall decor, other nautical ornaments featuring the Great Blue Heron.


Polystone Seabirds

Attractive seabirds made of polystone resin. Seagulls and pelicans. Can even be placed outdoors.

nautical_decor_red.jpg nautical_decor_blue.jpg

Plastic Crabs

 Replica blue crabs. Lifelike tiki decor. 2", 6" and 10" crabs.


Birdhouses and Feeders

If you like lighthouses, here are nautical theme birdhouses and birdfeeders.


Blue Crab Signs 

Handcrafted nautical wall hangings with custom lettering and lifelike blue crab replicas.  


Decorative Anchors

Rustic anchors to display on your wall. Authentic styles, great for nautical themes.


Nautical Centerpieces

Cute nautical idea for weddings and table centerpieces. Complete with rope, shells, and a blank plaque you can personalize.


Authentic Shipwheels

Authentic reproductions from 18" to 48" in wood and brass.

Blue Crab Decor

Handcrafted beach signs that make great accent pieces. Large 32” crabs are painted and given a rustic, weathered appearance.

Blue crab wall decor. Large rustic wooden crabs
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Nautical Anchors

Make your own 3D anchors for a cute centerpiece or nautical display.

How to make a nautical anchor centerpiece