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How to make a nautical anchor centerpiece

Build these Anchors


Are you planning an event with a nautical theme? These handcrafted centerpieces feature three pilings, rope, and decorations mounted on a round wooden base. They make great seasonal pieces too, and are nice Christmas décor. These centerpieces are quite popular here in Maryland, as you can imagine. I’ve made numerous sets for weddings, events, and local craft shows. They make great conversation pieces that guests can take home with them. They are 12 inches tall and the base is 7 1/2” in diameter. The pilings are even given a weathered appearance and resemble real pilings. Each nautical piece is unique and can be customized with seasonal decorations, different nautical ornaments, or other ideas.

Contact Me for a custom quote or if you have any questions.

Nautical centerpieces with crabs
Piling centerpiece with decorative buoys Nautical pilings with buoys
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