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anchor centerpieces

Nautical themes are popular for weddings and special events. Here is a project I was asked to do for a local school graduation. They needed some centerpieces made with a nautical theme, and these 3D anchors were just the ticket. I added short sections of dowel rods in the back so when they rested on them, the anchors would set up at just the right angle. The balls on the upper rod are common cedar balls you can get at your local home improvement store. I just drilled holes partially through them and attached them to the end of a dowel rod. I painted the anchors black and wrapped them with some contrasting white rope. The anchor blades were notched out and turned ninety degrees to make them look like real anchors. The guest were able to take home some unique conversation pieces!

Use your imagination and make some handcrafted centerpieces for your guests. Some other ideas include lanterns, seashells, plastic crabs, or a combination of items. Lighthouses are popular, too. If you have time and a few basic woodworking tools, you can find a lot of things online that will give you some craft ideas.

Here are some centerpieces I made for a wedding. I made fifteen of these nautical crafts and they really turned out nice. More photos of this project:

Nautical wedding centerpieces