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hexagon dowel rods


Making hexagon dowels is not difficult once you know how. The most challenging part is having each of the six sides come out with the exact same width. Cutting them on a table saw can be dangerous, and you won’t get each side to be the same width. There is an easier way.

I’ve been making hexagon dowel rods for years, which I sell online. Now I’m offering a downloadable E-book with step by step instructions, including photos. I’ll explain the process every step of the way, with color photos at every step.


The key to making perfect dowel rods is to start with the correct sized stock. In my E-book, I’ve included the measurements you’ll need to make common sizes from 1/2” to 1” diameter dowels.

If you have a table saw, planter, and router you can make hex rods yourself. Once you know how, your dowels will come out with even, symmetrical sides.

Safely download the 12 page E-book to your computer, where you can view or print the instructions.

How to Make Perfect Hexagon Dowel Rods