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 Revolving Beacon


Revolves 14 times per minute. Comes with three (3) fresnel lenses and a 25 watt bulb, which can be upgraded to an LED bulb during checkout. Junction box not included. 4"W x 4"L x 6"H

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When ordering, choose the color of the top, and also the color of the dome that contains the glass. The glass domes come in red, red/white, and black. Selections are made during checkout.

Contact me if you need a different color.


Are you building your own lawn lighthouse? Here are all the parts and accessories you need to make your lighthouse look as authentic as a real one. Beacons, windows, doors, and lighthouse tops that come in various colors.  

Liteman Beacon


Revolves 8 times per minute. Comes with one (1) fresnel lens and a 25 watt bulb, which can be upgraded to an LED bulb during checkout. Junction box not included. 4"W x 4"L x 6"H

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Electric Fresnel Beacon


This is a real fresnel lens that projects light in the same way as a real lighthouse. It's very authentic looking. This light features an 8000 hour, 40 watt electric traffic light bulb with a diode to double the life expectancy. 4"W x 6"H

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Solar Beacon


This is a high-quality, rugged solar beacon. No electricity required! Automatically comes on at dusk and will run for 14 days without charging. Available in blinking or non-blinking. Flashes 18 times per minute. Includes 6 high-intensity LED bulbs with reflector. 5"W x 5.75"H


Here are some very authentic tops for your lighthouse! They come exactly as shown in the photos, with detailed railing and a glass dome.

Each assembly is 8.25" wide at the base and stands 21.5" tall. The light is not included - order one of the above beacons during checkout. There is a hole through the center to run your wires. Screw or use adhesive to attach the assembly to your custom base.

Check out these amazing lawn lighthouses featuring these tops



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White and Black


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Red and Black


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Red and White


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Here are some miscellaneous items for your custom-crafted lighthouse. Windows, doors, and more!

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$18 each

2.87"W x 4"H

Available in Red Trim w/ White Door, & Black Trim w/ White door

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Outdoor Timer


6 settings to choose from: "On": The Lighthouse will Always be On "Dusk-Dawn": Automatically turns your lighthouse on at dark, then off at dawn "2/4/6/8 hrs" Automatically turns lighthouse on at dark then off at 2/4/6/8/hours later.


Rock Base / Well Cover

Real rock and mortar base for lighthouses up to 5 ft. tall. The inside is hollow and will cover objects up to 9.5" dia and 9" tall. The base measures 35" x 35" x 11" tall and weighs 80 lbs. 

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$18 each

2"W x 3.25"H

Available in Red, White, or Black. Each window comes with a curtain.

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Octagon Bases 

Choose from several sizes of octagon bases for lighthouses up to 12 ft. tall. Bases come in painted wood or long-lasting Polywood construction. These bases add height and charm to your lawn lighthouse.

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Cast Aluminum Top


12 - sided and built to look just like a real lighthouse top. Made of cast aluminum, so it won't rust. Click HERE to see a picture of the solar or fresnel lens inside. 6.5" W x 12.5" H

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Deluxe Beacon


Revolves 8 times per minute. Comes with 1 fresnel lens and 2 mirror backers. Has a 25 watt bulb, which can be upgraded to an LED bulb during checkout. Also has an on/off switch. Junction box is included. 4"W x 4"L x 6"H

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Large Beacon


Revolves approx. 12 times per minute. This is an industrial style beacon, perfect for large lighthouses. It has a bright 35 watt halogen bulb and a mirror backer, which can be seen up to 15 miles away! 8"W x 8"L x 8"H

Plans to build a Cape Hatteras Lawn Lighthouse wood_plans_lighthouse4.jpg How to Build an Authentic 6 ft. Lawn Lighthouse. Plans Include Photos. Lawn Lighthouse Plans

Low Voltage Light Kit


Connect your lighthouse to 12V low voltage garden lights. Comes with a 10W halogen bulb.

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