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4 Ft. Painted Lighthouse 4 Ft. Treated Lighthouse 5 Ft. Treated Lighthouse 6 Ft. Treated Lighthouse 7 FT. USA Lighthouse Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Wooden Anchor Bird Feeding Station Wood Watering Can Rabbit Hutch Arched Bridge Pyramid Planter Strawberry Pyramid Herb Tower Sandbox Folding Table Raised Planter 4 Ft. Wishing Well 6 Ft. Wishing Well Bat House Horseshoe Planter Raised Cedar Planter Ornamental Outhouse Gazebo Feeder Bird Feeding Station Goat Platform Toddler Bookcase Toddler Kitchen Helper Deck Tomato Planter
How to build a kitchen helper stool

Often called a kitchen helper, these stairs make it easy for your toddler to climb up to the sink or counter, and sure beats picking them up and holding them while they wash or brush. Your child will love using this set of stairs made just for them so much that they’ll want to wash their hands and brush their teeth more. These DIY woodworking plans show you how to build this child step stool from beginning to end. The illustrated plans include easy to follow instructions and detailed diagrams. The downloadable woodworking plans show you how to build this kitchen helper from start to finish. All you need to do is choose color of the paint.


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Kitchen Helper Step Stool for Toddler

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Use in the kitchen or bathroom

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All plans include photos at each step!

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