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Trying to cut perfect 30 degree angles on your table saw so that each side is the same width is not only difficult, it can be dangerous when working with small stock and irregular shapes. Cutting them on your own machinery should only be performed by an experienced woodworker, and all safety precautions must be followed.

Want to make your own? Here’s how.

Plans for a Big Gazebo Platform Bird Feeder - Wood Plans with Photos.

Build this 6 sided

 bird feeder



Six-sided hexagon wooden dowels for crafts, games, gazebo bird feeders, and more.

Each hexagon dowel rod is 12" long. They are made of poplar and are ready for paint or stain. Save yourself the time and hassle of trying to cut them on your shop equipment and order some that are already made.

The measurement is from point to point as shown in the photo below.

The price is for three (3) dowel rods. If you need 6, then the quantity would be 2, etc. If you need a length longer than 12” contact me for a custom quote:


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Hexagon Dowel Rod