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 Fasten the mesh you cut earlier to each of the sides with heavy duty staples. Note: Leave the "tabs" extended past the bottom as shown.

hay_side_staple.JPG 6

 Cut it in half.


The front of the hay rack should look like this. Note the "tabs" on one of the long sides. These will hook through the bottom of the hutch mesh and be folded over to lock it in later.

hay_mesh.JPG 2

You'll need some fencing material - the kind with large holes. Remember, the rabbits need to easily get to the hay. Cut a section of wire fence approximately 2 ft. long and 8" wide.  

 See the next photo - cut one side of the sections in half so the wire stubs can be fed through your hutch mesh material when complete.  

Cut the other sides close and make sure there are no sharp edges that could hurt your rabbits.


How to build a hay rack for your bunnies 

Anyone who has raised rabbits know they love (and need) to eat lots of hay. Whether it's Timothy Hay or Orchard Grass, rabbits will eat it all the time. Their teeth continue to grow, so they need to gnaw on something to keep them in check. The problem with feeding hay in a rabbit hutch is keeping it readily available without having it all over the floor. Your rabbits will walk on it, lay on it, and soil it. Who wants to eat that? I found out that you'll waste more than they eat by constantly cleaning out the soiled hay. So I decided to build a hay rack to hold enough hay for the rabbits to eat, and keep it off the floor. Sure, you can go buy a fancy feeder, but with some scrap materials you may already have, you can build an inexpensive and functional hay rack for your rabbits. I'm going to share my design with you. It doesn't take long and it's not very difficult to construct.


Now cut the sides from a block of untreated wooden 2 x 6 that is 8 1/2" long. Just draw a diagonal line between opposing corners and then...


You will end up with two identical sides for your hay rack.


 Here's what it should look like so far. See the wire tabs sticking past the bottom?


Now measure the total length and cut a slat for the back.


It will look like this once it's attached to the cage.


Drill a hole 3/4" from each end. Don't fasten it yet - it goes on the outside of the cage.


Insert the tabs through the mesh of your hutch and fold them over to hold the bottom. The slat is then attached on the outside through the mesh into the sides of your hay rack. That's all there is to it!


Stuff some hay into the feeder. Your rabbits will easily eat the hay from the rack. The large holes will allow them to tug and pull any hay out to munch on.


Don't be surprised if your bunnies hop on top to eat, too! Either way, the hay is no longer on the floor getting soiled.