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Thanks to donations from the Cocoa Isles community in Cocoa Beach Florida, a new lighthouse replica is proudly on display at the end of Bahama Blvd. The Cape Canaveral theme lighthouse features a solar light and everything is made of materials to handle the elements. The new wooden platform is 4 feet above the average water level to protect it from high tides and wind conditions, and the lighthouse perches atop a rock and mortar base. The lighthouse was installed by Waterfront Solutions from Merritt Island. Many thanks to Don and his crew for their contribution! Photos below show them installing the lighthouse.

Just over $1,000 was collected from the neighborhood and that was just enough to buy, ship, and install the lighthouse in the river. Thanks to everyone for your contributions.  A nice plaque will be put up at at the end of the street to document the contributors and supporting contractors.

lighthouse being installed Waterfront Solutions Coca Beach Lighthouse
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