How I made a rack to hang my wood clamps

If you have a collection of bar clamps and need someplace to store them, you can easily build a rack using a piece of scrap wood and some dowel rods. This type of rack works great for my Bessie clamps, and I also use it to hang my Jett clamps that are similar in style.

I came up with  this idea after seeing how some of the clamp racks on the market are designed. They are just pieces of metal with notches evenly spaced across the front. Most of these racks cost a lot more than what you could pay for a couple dowel rods. The design is simple. As you can see in the photo, if you space the dowel rods just right the clamps will hang in between them. Obviously you don’t want to hang this off of drywall - make sure you fasten it to studs.

If you have a lot of clamps, you can make several of these or make one long rack. Works for me!

Rack for hanging clamps

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