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Hardwood Cherry Farm Table


Here is a very nice farm table I built out of solid cherry. The top is a hefty 2” thick, made of old hardwood beams I was fortunate to come across. There used to be a sawmill near here years ago, and the lumber was actually milled from trees felled in the local forest. I burnt up a wood planer in the process and spent quite a bit of time sanding the top smooth, but it was worth it. Cherry is one hard wood! It also has one of the nicest grains and colors. I didn’t use any stain, but instead chose to apply several coats of polyurethane, five to be exact.

Dovetail joints for attaching table legsThe legs are 4” wide. I wanted the joints to be strong enough to support the heavy table top, with no chance of coming loose. I used a dovetail on the ends of each apron. This in itself provided a strong base, but I also installed some metal table brackets in the corners as an added measure. Here is a view looking down at the top of the leg showing the two dovetail joints. I attached the table top with these and a few additional brackets. Perfect!

How I attached the table legs and table top