Now just dig a hole 24" deep and erect your post. You can cement it in if you'd like, or backfill it with dirt.

Hang your favorite bird feeders and you'll be attracting birds in no time!


You can use an open hook or an eye-bolt, depending on how you will be hanging your bird feeders.


Do the same on the other end.


Cut two pieces out of a pressure-treated 2 x 4, each 8" long.

Make sure the beam is square and fasten using two 3 1/2" long deck screws. You can also use lag bolts, just be sure to pre-drill your holes.


Center one of the beams on an 8 ft. long 4 x 4 pressure-treated post at the top.


At each end, drill two pilot holes at the bottom. Come in 3 1/2" and 8 1/2". The holes are 3/4" from the bottom edge.

Click on the photo to the left to see a close-up.


Using a square, draw a line down the center at the mark you just made.


Mark the center of each beam - the center is at 26".


And cut out the ends of the two beams as shown here.

Cut two pieces from a standard 2 x 6 x 10' pressure-treated board, each 52" long.

Make a template for the ends of each beam. Use any design you like - an example is shown here.

Trace the outline onto each end...



I’m going to show you to build this functional post for hanging your favorite bird feeders and suet cages. My wife loves to attract birds to our back yard - The cardinals, chickadees, and nuthatches love to visit and we reward them with lots of sunflower seeds and suet in the winter. If bird watching is your hobby, you likely have countless bird feeders hanging in your yard, too.

Is there an area that you see from your window with nothing to hang your feeders on? Here is an attractive solution that will cost less to make than many of the feeding stations sold online and in stores. This large post is strong enough to hold any bird feeder you own. It stands approximately 6 ft. tall and is over 4 ft. wide. I built it out of a 4 x 4 post and a 2 x 6 x 10 ft. deck board. It's pressure - treated, so it'll last a long time.

It makes a nice weekend project and does not take long to build.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to build the wooden bird feeding station you see here. You can also add some hangers on the sides for your suet cages. Enjoy!

Here are plans for a feeding station for four feeders

post_1.JPG post_7.JPG

Flip the post over and attach the 2nd beam in the same location as shown here.


Sandwich them between the beams at each end and fasten it through the holes you drilled earlier. Use 3 1/2" deck screws.

Click on the photo to see a close up.

Find the center by drawing a line between each corner. Pre-drill and then screw-in a hook.


Screw in the hook until it's secure.

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