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Here is a unique settee I built for a coworker that lives down on St. George Island. I incorporated a box between the chairs with hinges and a lid. I also added a nice umbrella that fit right down through the center. We had a hurricane come through a few years back and it blew the whole chair into the water, but he was able to rescued it before it sank or floated away. He fastened it to the deck after that!



Everybody likes a well-built Adirondack chair. They’re great for relaxing after a hard day’s work with a nice big glass of lemonade. Below are some Adirondack style chairs and settees that I designed over the years. I made them out of pressure treated 2 x 4's and 1 x 2's. Once I figured out how this type of outdoor furniture is built, the basic construction remained the same. It was just a matter of how wide to make the chairs and how to join a few together in different combinations. All of the parts are held together using weather-resistant deck screws and carriage bolts. I treated them with some water sealer, and the chairs have lasted for years!


Here are a pair of Adirondack chairs I built for relaxing in the back yard. I even made footrests to match. They were all built from scratch with no plans, so it took awhile to figure them out. I had an idea of what they'd look like based on some photos I looked up, it just took a few attempts to get the angles right. Once I did that, I kept a few legs and arms for templates. These chairs are comfortable, too!

DSC03187.JPG dad_rocker.JPG

 Here's a settee where the chairs are angled towards each other with a table in the middle. Everything is attached, and I even added an umbrella. This one ended up next to someone's swimming pool, it made a great conversation piece!

On the right is a rocking chair I built as part of a "Mom and Dad" set. Someone ended up buying one chair for their mother, so I sold this one around Fathers Day.