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how to build a poker tableHOW I BUILT THIS FULL SIZE POKER TABLE

Here is a fun project I did for a local charity that sponsors a lot of poker tournaments. I've made about a dozen of these tables and I've received a lot of compliments and referrals. They're heavy, too - I used 3/4" plywood (2 sheets) and made the rail as one piece with no seams. I glued 1/4" close cell foam on the playing surface then covered it with velveteen speed cloth. If you build one, don't use felt. It will shed like your dog and will look terrible after a few sessions. Do a search online for "speed cloth" and you'll be sure to find plenty of sites that sell it. The material is designed for poker tables and lets the cards glide right over it. It comes in so many colors and patterns that you can be overwhelmed with the choices. You can even have the cloth customized with screen printing techniques.

 The rail is covered with 1" foam and has vinyl rail material stretched over it. My fingers hurt from all that stretching. The rail, vinyl, and cloth are fastened underneath with a whole lot of staples. I made sure the playing surface was pulled tight starting in the center - you could bounce a quarter off of it. I've made green tables, red ones, and blue ones. The one in the picture is a wine color and was one of my favorites. There are several options for legs, depending on if you plan on making your poker table portable or not. Just make sure you buy sturdy legs, I would not recommend the folding legs you buy at your local hardware store for 25 dollars. Trust me - they may seem sturdy, but when you put that heavy table on it with players leaning on it they won't be. Check the gauge steel and get something that is designed to hold the weight without bending.