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All of these houses provide an ideal nesting home for bluebirds. By the 1970s, bluebird numbers had declined by estimates ranging to 70% due to unsuccessful competition with house sparrows and starlings, both introduced species, for nesting cavities, coupled with a decline in habitat. They are making a comeback due to the efforts of many volunteers establishing homes and trails for this colorful bird.

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wooden bluebird house for sale

This handcrafted Bluebird House has a lock on the front door to keep predators out of the nesting box. It also features built-in drainage and ventilation. Mounting hardware is included.

Size: 12.5 x 7 x 7.5"


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This beautiful bluebird house is made from over 90% recycled plastic. They are environmentally friendly and are designed for easy maintenance. The house has a 1 9/16 in hole - ideal for Western Bluebirds.


Buy Now polywood bluebird house trex like material

Handcrafted Albesia wooden bluebird houses are painted with non-toxic colors and each house comes with a clean out.

 Size: 6 x 4.5 x 9"


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Very inviting! Portly bluebird house is made of high quality resin. Unique and exclusive design.

 Size: 7 x 9.25 x 6.25"


Buy Now Portly bluebird house

This very popular model now features an easy front opening for cleaning.

 Size: 8.75 x 5.5 x 5.75"


Buy Now wooden bluebird house with opening front

Handcrafted Albesia wooden bluebird houses are painted with non-toxic colors and each house comes with a clean out.

Size: 12.4 x 6.3 x 4"


Buy Now bluebird house for sale

This bluebird house has a camera! See eggs laid, hatched, and babies raised! The built in camera comes with 100 ft of cable. The dimension from the bottom of the box to the bottom of the entrance hole is 5 3/4 inch from inside of the house- the entrance hole is 1.5 inch. The Portal Protector and Nest Lift are included.

Size: 14.75 x 6.5 x 10 "


Buy Now bluebird house with a camera to watch babies

Here is a great kid's project. Made in America from long-lasting cedar. Comes with easy to follow instructions. The entrance hole is 1 1/2 inches. Easy to build!

Size: 12 x 6.5 x 4.25"


Buy Now bluebird house kit for kids

This popular bluebird house and comes with a plexiglass viewing window in the roof. The guard around the entry keeps predators out. It features an easy side cleanout and a plexiglass nest holder. Mount in open areas 6-10 ft. hight.

Size: 14.5 x 7.5 x 6"


Buy Now bluebird house with plexiglass viewing window

This popular house features a 3 inch screened opening in the roof. The guard around the entry keeps predators out. Features an easy side cleanout and a plexiglass nest holder. Mount in open areas 6-10 ft. hight.

Size: 14.5 x 7.5 x 6"


bluebird house with screen opening to view Buy Now

Here is the ultimate bluebird house! The entrance hole 1 1/2 in. dia. The height from the floor to the entrance hole is 7 3/4 inches. Includes nest lift and entrance hole protector.


Buy Now ultimate bluebird house

This bluebird house has a special slotted opening which discourages sparrows.

Size: 10 x 5 x 7"


Buy Now sparrow proof bluebird house with slot

This bluebird house features a traditional design. The entrance hole is 1 9/16 in. and is an ornithologically correct shelter.


Buy Now traditional bluebird house for sale

Here is a simple bluebird house with a 1 1/2" entrance hole. The front opens for inspection and cleaning.


Buy Now simple bluebird house for sale

This bluebird house has a laser-etched design on the front. It is predrilled for mounting, and ornithologically correct. A striking feature is its copper roof, built to last for years.

Size: 13 x 8.75 x 7.75"


Buy Now bluebird house with a copper roof

Here is a solid, long-lasting bluebird house featuring an outside predator guard. Easy to clean.


Buy Now wood bluebird house with green roof

Made in the USA and built to Audubon specifications. Each bluebird house features a 1 9/16 in hole and is fitted with a handcrafted 12 oz copper roof. The birdhouse is made of natural cedar and is easy to clean.


Buy Now copper-roof bluebird house

These cedar bluebird houses are built to Audubon specifications and are easy to clean out. Each features a 1 9/16 in. hole.


Buy Now cedar bluebird house

Bluebird nesting boxes should be placed 8 to 12 ft. off the ground. Too large of a house or holes larger than 1 1/2" will invite starlings. Chesapeakecrafts.com sells bluebird houses which have been proven to be ideal for bluebirds.


Of all the birds a gardener could choose to attract, the bluebird is one of the most helpful birds to keep in the garden. They will quickly rid your garden of insects and are voracious in eating them.


Bluebirds build their nests almost entirely of dried grass and small weed stems. Both sexes help build the nest, but most of the work is done by the female. Make sure your bluebird house can be opened and cleaned out at the end of the season if you intend to attract more bluebirds the following year.


Place your nesting boxes near an open field or meadow, as that is their preferred hunting ground. Two thirds of their diet consists of insects, with the remainder made up of fruits. 


Bluebirds are part of the thrush family. They have blue, or blue and red, plumage. Female bluebirds are not as brightly colored as the males, but the patterns are similar as are their sizes.


Bluebirds usually lay two or three set of eggs per season. There can be anywhere between three and seven eggs in each nesting. Incubation is around 12 days, maybe a few days longer. The babies will stay in the nest around 15 days.Both sexes will take care of raising the babies, although the female will do most of the work.


Mountain bluebirds range from Mexico, the Western US and into Canada. The males are a turquoise blue and the species can be found in rangelands and meadows above 5,000 ft. Thanks to the overwhelming efforts of landowners in the west providing nesting boxes, their populations have thrived and are no longer a concern.