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This design combined a trellis and seat, along with planters on each side. It makes a nice, shady retreat. I made this one for a couple's wedding party.


Here's a simple arbor design I put together from scratch. I really didn't have any woodworking plans to go by, but I had an idea in my head of what I wanted it to look like. I placed this one down by my garden and planted roses and clematis on the sides. It's been there for several years now. If you build something like this, use carriage bolts to fasten the main supports to the top. Be sure to bury the legs or fasten to another post so the wind doesn't blow it over. Once the roses take hold, it should be fine.


This is a rustic design I came up with for setting near an entranceway. The "Welcome" sign at the top of the arbor invites visitors to take a rest. Plant some roses along the sides for a secluded bench.



Here are some arbors that I designed and built over the years. Maybe they'll give you some ideas if you're thinking of buiding one!